The home of the AX JET


Axhorn Loud Speaker in black

Our AXJET speakers are the culmination of years of experience making point source horn loudspeakers. The new model is the most recent incarnation of the AXJET, which was first introduced in the early 90’s and shown at the Penta, Hifi News Show Heathrow, London in 1994. We have given the AXJETS a complete overhaul in the light of many years of horn design for re-introduction to high-end hifi and as studio monitor and playback speakers. Their huge efficiency and flat response means they can be used with most good quality small amplifiers.

Paired with the truly remarkable AER full range drive units from Stuttgart and incorporating our novel AX AFTERBURNER front horn, the compound single driver, horn design produces a very pure, integrated, hemi-spherical wavefront. This gives them a very accurate stereo presentation with remarkably realistic depth of field and very fast dynamic response, which is not room dependant. The superb sculpted styling of the AXJET fits into most domestic environments and with its aerospace quality, super-gloss, ceramic, lacquer finish is available in any RAL colour to compliment any beautiful home. Delivered in fold-away flight cases and protected by water-resistant, fleece lined jackets, their weather proof construction with stainless steel fastenings throughout, also enables them to be rolled onto a terrace or pool-side on their rubber wheeled chrome castors for outdoor use.

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